• Diversity and Inclusion

    We hear those words a lot these days, and some companies say they’re big on them.
    At Pioneer, we go beyond words on paper. The principles of diversity and inclusion are entwined in our DNA.

    We respect differences and cultures, encourage unique perspectives, and pride ourselves on recruiting and keeping the most talented employees from all walks of life.

    A diverse company is a strong company. We already know that. It dates back to the Parker & Parsley days, when the company upheld this simple principle: A good idea is a good idea, regardless of whether it comes from somebody working in an office, on a rig or somewhere in between.

    You are valued for you here. No two people fit into the same box, and we welcome that, embrace it and celebrate it.

    Be you. It’s what keeps us One Pioneer.

    Our dedicated Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) program is focused on the following areas:

    • Community: We strive to positively impact our communities by providing opportunities to economically disadvantaged youth and increasing diverse representation in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.
    • Culture: We promote a culture of innovation and inclusion where all employees feel respected and valued as their authentic selves.
    • Talent: We encourage leadership development and talent programs that enable us to reach full representation of women and people of color. We educate employees and leaders to appreciate and leverage differences.
    Employee Resource Groups

    Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are an essential part of our Diversity & Inclusion program, having a very positive – and welcome – impact on our company culture. They develop members, establish mentoring networks, offer philanthropic partnership, and encourage volunteerism.

    Pioneer is proud to have six thriving ERGs:

    • The Women’s Resource Group seeks to engage and empower the women at Pioneer for the benefit of Pioneer and the community.
    • The Military Resource Group advocates for the recruitment, development and support of military members and their families at Pioneer.
    • The Multicultural Resource Group works to foster a culture of inclusion through promoting a positive understanding of our differences.
    • The Pioneering Innovative Leaders of Tomorrow (PILOT) group cultivates cross-discipline communication and professional development among technical professionals who are relatively new to the oil and gas industry.
    • One Pioneer Mentoring seeks to empower employees to connect through mentoring relationships which enhance their professional and personal development
    • The PRIDE+ Resource Group advances our culture of RESPECT by cultivating a work environment that visibly supports and actively empowers our LGBTQ employees, their allies and the community through education, advocacy, recruitment, mentorship and philanthropy.

    We offer one of the most competitive pay and benefits packages in the oil and gas industry, or any industry. We want you to thrive, and are proud to offer the resources and environment to encourage you to not only grow in your career, but soar.