• Royalty Owners

    Relationships are important to Pioneer, and we strive to provide our interest owners with a high level of service, communicating with you in a professional, timely and accurate manner.

    Contact Information

    Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc.
    Attn: Division Order Dept.
    P. O. Box 3178
    Midland, TX 79702
    ownerrelationsinquiry@pxd.com or revenueowner.inquiry@pxd.com

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I contact you?

    You are welcome to contact Pioneer using any of the options listed in the Contact Information. The phone numbers are voicemail lines only. We will return calls and respond to emails within 48 hours.

    Main Number: (432) 571-5010
    Option 1 Revenue checks, payment information
    Option 2: Division Orders, Ownership or Change of Ownership, Address Changes, and all other questions

    1099 Hot Line: (432) 571-5260
    WRLP Owner Inquiry Line: (432) 571-5099
    Fax Number: (432) 571-5255

    How do I submit a change of address request?

    All address changes must be submitted in writing with a signature. No changes will be accepted over the telephone. You may download the attached form and send it to the mailing address or scan and e-mail to ownerrelationsinquiry@pxd.com.

    Do you have direct deposit?

    Pioneer offers direct deposit via electronic funds transfer. Please download and print the Direct Deposit Enrollment form. Complete the form and return it to the address, fax number or e-mail address located at the top of the form, along with a voided check or copy/image of a voided check.

    How do I change or transfer ownership?

    1) In the event of the death of an owner:

    For testate deaths (with a probated will): We will need the following documentation, all recorded in the county where the property is located:

    • Death Certificate
    • Letters Testamentary
    • Order Admitting Will to Probate
    • Last Will and Testament

    How do I add my spouse or other individual to my account?

    To add a name to an account, please provide Pioneer with a recorded copy of a deed conveying yourself and the other party as joint tenants.

    How do I transfer my interest into a Trust?

    Provide a copy of the Trust Agreement, along with a deed from the individual(s) into the Trust, recorded in the counties where the properties are located. The deed also needs to name a Trustee of the Trust.

    What if the Trustee changes?

    Provide a document naming the Successor Trustee, recorded in the counties where the properties are located.

    Can I receive a valuation on property that I am named Executor?

    Pioneer cannot provide a valuation for interests. We can provide a payment history to assist you.

    My mortgage company is requiring a letter from Pioneer stating that my royalty payments will continue. Can you provide this?

    Pioneer cannot provide any letter of this type, because there are too many variables involved with oil and gas production, such as variable pricing, mechanical issues, force majeure factors such as natural disasters, etc.

    When are 1099 documents mailed?

    1099 documents are mailed by January 31 of each year. If you need a copy of your 1099, please contact the Owner Relations department by one of the options under Contact Information.

    When are checks mailed?

    Pioneer makes revenue distribution settlements by the last workday of each month. The date your revenue is paid depends on when Pioneer receives payment from our purchasers of production. You will receive payment no earlier than 30 days after the month of production and no later than 60 days after the month of production. For newly drilled wells, it usually takes 2-3 months or longer to get title reviewed, division orders mailed and initial production paid.

    How do I get a copy of my Revenue Detail and payment history?

    Pioneer offers an on-line system that allows you to see your revenue payment detail. Visit Access My Account, and log in to view and print your information.

    Why have I not received my check?

    Typically, this is because your account is in a minimum-pay status. Pioneer remits revenue checks once a balance exceeds $100.00. All revenue, regardless of the amount, is disbursed once a year in September. If your amount is above the minimum payment, please allow two weeks before contacting Pioneer if you receive your revenue by check and not direct deposit.

    What if my check is lost, stolen or stale-dated?

    Pioneer will reissue a lost, stolen or stale-dated check after six weeks from date of check issue. Please download the Request for Check Replacement form and return the completed form, along with the stale-dated check, to the address noted on the form to request a replacement check.

    Does Pioneer offer IRS tax withholding?

    Pioneer does not offer voluntary tax withholding.

    What if I do not receive a check after one month?

    Pioneer has a $100.00 minimum payment amount. You will receive a check once your revenue amount reaches $100.00, or once a year in September when all minimum payment amounts are released.

    What is a Division Order?

    A Division Order is a Pioneer-issued document that describes the property, operator, legal description, owner's remittance address, and owner's decimal interest and interest type in the property. The owner is asked to sign and return the Division Order. Pioneer uses this information to remit proceeds to the owner, if Pioneer has disbursement responsibility.

    Why do my monthly payments vary?

    Many factors contribute to your payment, including: market conditions, fluctuating commodity prices, regulatory or contractual changes, production volumes, seasonal conditions, and well downtime.